The current situation – third time lucky?

For the past few weeks I’ve felt queasy, run-down and generally not my usual self. I know the signs but fact is, I was putting off the confirmation.

I took a test a couple of days and thought for a few minutes about that it really meant. We’re pregnant, again. Continue reading


The second miscarriage – and missing medical records

The second time, we waited three years before considering another attempt at pregnancy and having a baby.

After the first miscarriage the hospital did a further few scans but nothing too intensive. At this stage we knew that I had a double cervix but the uterus itself remained a mystery. The fact is, nobody really recognised the condition or knew how to assist me further. Continue reading

The first time – a step into the unknown

The first time round, at five weeks pregnant my symptoms were in overdrive and my boyfriend and I rushed to tell our parents and siblings. They (predictably) were completely supportive. Ecstatic and embraced the news. In fact, my mom wasted no time in buying clothes for the baby that I’ve kept until this day.

Sadly, there was to be no baby. The first scan showed a low heartbeat at 6 weeks and a scan a few days later showed that the foetus had died. Continue reading

Why start a blog about uterus didelphys?

I decided to start this blog to allow me to process my thoughts, document my experience and ultimately to start removing the taboo around miscarriage.

I’m a conscious bottler of emotions. I rarely share my personal experiences with those around me as I hate to feel that I’m burdening others with the path that I’m following.

The first time that I miscarried, I struggled to lean on anybody around me. My boyfriend made the call to my mom when we found out that there was no heartbeat and he didn’t know what to do. My behaviour scared him as the fact is, I rallied around like normal. My mom drove straight to my house and stayed whilst I slowly loosened the restraint and allowed myself to be… human. Continue reading