A third pregnancy and the first scan

A few days after a pregnancy test confirmed my third pregnancy, I shared the news with my boyfriend and called my local early pregnancy clinic to arrange a scan.

With my medical history and the hospital’s previous experience of caring for me at this early stage, I felt more comfortable to make the trip there to feel that I had at least, some semblance of consistency. 

A date was given for one weeks’ time. Enough for my boyfriend and I to start to feel excited about the pregnancy and all the ‘right signs’ being present. Sickness. Achy. Tired. Eager for confirmation of our next steps.

A week later, we visited the hospital, eager to know exactly what was going on. As we entered the scan room, my boyfriend squeezed my hand as I left the room to empty my bladder, before returning to the room.

Truth be told, I shed tears in the toilet. I realised that I was so pent up with anxiety that I my again be facing bad news. But at the same time, the signs look so good.

It’s hard to place exactly how the mind works in this situation. The uncertainty is enough to drive anybody crazy with worry.

When I entered the room and positioned myself on the bed for a transvaginal scan, I couldn’t stop the tears flowing as the sonographer prepared me for the scan and started to collect the images on the screen. My boyfriend waited quietly on the other side of the curtain before the sonographer asked whether I wanted him there for the feedback – of course, I said.

He joined my side and reassuringly squeezed my hand as the sonographer turned the screen to our faces. A heartbeat. Beating strong and healthy, we were greeted by a heartbeat and we both instantly fell silent.

To say that the feeling was incredible would be an understatement. But we were simply overwhelmed with joy that at a little over 6 weeks’ pregnant, we finally had what appeared to be a perfectly healthy heartbeat – a first for both of us.



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