A fourth pregnancy – fingers crossed!

Well after almost a year of being single I met a new partner in 2016. We discussed my medical history very early in the dating stages, something that I felt was particularly important to communicate.

A few months into the relationship I had a positive pregnancy test at 5 weeks. A scan at 6 weeks showed a strong heartbeat. Having informed my new partner of my uterus condition we made the decision to have no sex during the first trimester, reducing my overall exercise and ensuring that I was resting on a daily basis.

I also decided that I didn’t want to share the news with anybody just yet. I’m feeling very confident this time, we have  reassuring early scan and also found out that this baby has implanted in the right hand side womb – a first for me. I’m hoping that this means we have a stronger chance of carrying to term.

Following the first trip to the hospital for a scan my consultant recommended that I take 2 x 400mg doses of Cyclogest (a progesterone hormone) on a daily basis as well as 1 x 75mg aspirin and the usual folic acid.

All seems to be going well.


Scan at 8 weeks pregnant

We’ve had a second scan at 8 weeks which again shows good growth of baby and a strong heartbeat. There is also development of a fibroid and a small bleed on the womb lining but we’re staying optimistic and positive for the best result.

Keep us in your prayers!



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