About My Uterus Diary

I started this blog as a diary to help me to process and deal with the impact of living with uterus didelphys.

I found out that I had the condition in my late twenties after experiencing two traumatic miscarriages. I trawled through forums, websites and interrogated consultants, desperate for answers but found that there was a significant lack of it out there.

Since then, I’ve continued to research so much information about uterine conditions, malformations, tests and possible treatments that have assisted women with carrying a pregnancy to term. During this time, miscarriage is finally feeling that is has become less taboo. Men and women are speaking more openly about their loss, emotions and the healing process.

I was previously living in another city and under the care of a consultant that had some experience of my condition (well, he’d had two patients in his 20 year career). With every pregnancy my babies have had a heartbeat, strong and healthy in the initial few weeks. Due to the high risk nature, I’ve always had early scans and tests carried out. Laparoscopy, blood tests, hysteroscopy, MRI, pelvic and transvaginal scans. You name it, it’s likely that I’ve had it or tried it in some way.

In 2017, I moved cities, ended a relationship and took a break from thinking about conception. The memories of my angel babies will never fade but this diary helps me to detail my experiences, rather than thinking about it time and again. I hope that you read and share your comments, experiences and ultimately, let’s support each other on this journey to motherhood with a difference.


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