A new discovery… Should I trust the NHS for my care?

On Monday I was booked to attend a pelvic scan that proved to be… Interesting. I’ve always been told that my uterine condition is a complete didelphic uterus and I’ve only ever had one kidney appear on scans.

On Monday the radiographer went through my medical records and asked whether she could rescan my kidneys to check my health. I said “of course”.

She did so then scanned the other side of my body. Guess what… I have two kidneys!! She even called in a nurse to get a second opinion that she was definitely seeing two kidneys.

How on Earth is such a mistake able to be made? Years of scans, tests and all in the care of different consultants. It’s a significant overlook.

I’m trying to trust and believe in the process but the latest revelation leaves me needless to say I’m not feeling reassured about the rest of the journey ahead.


We need to talk

A few months ago an acquaintance announced her pregnancy on Facebook shortly followed by a message a few weeks later that she had miscarried.

So many people rallied around in the comments, saying that there would be another chance. Another option to try. They didn’t understand that every single baby is a significant loss to both parents. The angelbaby is never replaced by the arrival of another.

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The fourth miscarriage

A few months ago I miscarried my fourth baby, carried to 11+3. A Thursday evening, my partner had called me checking to see that everything was OK and that I was resting. A few hours later, I started spotting and there was no further bleeding. But I knew. I woke up the next morning and felt like myself again. No hormonal changes, no achy breasts, just… me. Continue reading