We need to talk

A few months ago an acquaintance announced her pregnancy on Facebook shortly followed by a message a few weeks later that she had miscarried.

So many people rallied around in the comments, saying that there would be another chance. Another option to try. They didn’t understand that every single baby is a significant loss to both parents. The angelbaby is never replaced by the arrival of another.

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My current situation…

Following the end of my last relationship, I have now relocated to another city. I’ve allowed myself to take some time out, to enjoy life and to simply stop focusing upon this… process. Motherhood has dominated my mind for so long. Continue reading

The fourth miscarriage

A few months ago I miscarried my fourth baby, carried to 11+3. A Thursday evening, my partner had called me checking to see that everything was OK and that I was resting. A few hours later, I started spotting and there was no further bleeding. But I knew. I woke up the next morning and felt like myself again. No hormonal changes, no achy breasts, just… me. Continue reading